Monday, November 24, 2008

My First SONY Experience is with my father’s SONY Trinitron TV & Betamax

My father is such a "ginormous" SONY fanatic (and so am I). Ever since he started working abroad, he never fails to bring home with him some appliances and electronic gadgets, specially SONY products. Up to now, whenever I’m planning on buying something, he’ll remind me that if it’s not SONY, then forget about it baby. That’s how loyal he is to SONY products.

So my wonderful SONY experience started when I was a kid. My father brought with him back home his very first major purchase from Saudi, a 21-inch SONY TRINITRON TV, a SONY Betamax (together with its bundled SONY Rewinder), and a SONY stereo. That was his first 1“katas ng Saudi” as what 2 OFWs call it. I’m really blessed and thankful as I grew up and enjoyed watching all of my favorite cartoons and TV shows with those “katas ng Saudi” stuff. I remember how envious my playmates were whenever we watch Disney cartoons with our SONY Betamax. Their TV sets were in black-and-white back then. Thanks to SONY Trinitron, the best consumer CRT technology developed by SONY Corporation, we were able to enjoy and appreciate those Disney classics better in rich, full colors as compared to other television models during those times.

Modesty aside, I can vividly remember that at such an early age (I'm only in kindergarten back then) I already know how to operate our Betamax:
  1. connecting the cables at the back of the TV
  2. rewinding my favourite tapes using the rewinder
  3. feeding it into the device
  4. tuning the TV into channel 3 (which i dunno why)
  5. pressing the little triangle button to play
  6. and of course the Golden rule:
    "Never, ever press the eject button (the triangle button with a horizontal line at the bottom) without pressing the little square button (stop) first!"
Oh well, I'm such a smart kid! (haha). At the age of 5, I learned how to be a "techie" and an independent kid, so in case that I’m all alone in the house, I won’t be bored and can watch all the Betamax tapes that I want - and we got tons of it! Really.

How can I forget Alice in Wonderland? If in high school, I watched Titanic like 5 times in the cinema memorizing all of Rose and Jack Dawson’s lines; this Disney classic, I watched it in our Betamax almost every noontime after school! I really loved its full-colored animation, the enchanting story, and the magic that lies within the Wonderland. I also remember myself crying and feeling sad everytime I'm watching “The Walrus, the Carpenter, and the Oysters”. Oh boy, those poor, innocent little oysters got eaten by that ugly, greedy walrus!

How can I forget all those heavenly Saturdays as I watch all of my favourite shows in Channels 13, 9, 7 & 2 non-stop!: Glo-friends, My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, The Woody Woodpecker Show, Voltes V, Uncle Bob’s Lucky7 Club, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Thundercats, Visionaries, Voltron, He-Man, She-Ra, Transformers, Mask Rider Black, Maskman, Bioman, etc… And of course, that won’t be complete without memorizing and singing along with their theme songs (talk about being linguist at an early age singing all those Japanese songs!)

In November of 1992 our house accidentally caught on fire. It was a tough time for us as we have to start our lives from scratch all over again. Thank God for the provision and we were able to get back with our lives. And of course, there’s just no stopping us from having that SONY experience back again. Years had passed, my dad sent us a package from Kuwait. Guess what, a 27-inch SONY Trinitron WEGA! We were oh so thrilled, our first flat screen TV! Then soon after, he brought with him back home a SONY Handycam! Wow, now we can make our own DVD home movies that we can watch over and over again. It was such a milestone for us, now that every birthday party, family reunions, outings – all can now be recorded into DVD movies that we truly enjoy watching. Even the devastating typhoon “Milenyo” where we experienced for the first time extreme flood in our area - and my first time to drive from Makati City all the way to Quezon province, with typhoon “Frank” heading on his way to Mauban, Quezon were all captured in our SONY Handycam. ( I never imagined I'd be that good in storm-chasing! ) And just recently, we bought a SONY Cybershot W120 digicam, the one that comes with a free KC Concepcion CD, to add more spice in our SONY experience. My officemates really loved it, specially its “Smile Shutter Technology”. Now, everytime we have our lunch-outs, all we get are picture-perfect smiles that are truly priceless.

Every “first” in our lives must be cherished - like this very first blog of mine for my very first time to join an online promo (hahaha!). These are the things that will always hold a special place in our hearts, with memories to last. Our very first SONY Trinitron TV and Betamax will forever remind me of my wonderful childhood - how colorful it is, how cleverness and creativity was instilled in me, and of course, how blessed am I having a father who generously showered his love for me. It definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony’s World's first Smallest, Lightest and Slimmest Full HD Camcorder: TG1 Handycam, which makes capturing every precious moments easier in real High Definition – because sometimes you don’t just have to watch it, you need to see it, feel it, and then relive it.


1 "katas ng Saudi" - translates to ones fruits of labor in Saudi Arabia
2 OFW - (Overseas Filipino Worker); n: modern-day heroes; highly-skilled, very competitive, World-class workers like no other

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Phase 1of 3 - complete :-)

Now that i have my banner, i'll be preparing my outline and finally, write about my first SONY Experience... yeyyy!!

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

hello world?? :-)

yup, my very first blog...

crazy, but it's true. just made one for me to enter the "My First Sony Experience" promo.

so, watch out for my post.. :-)
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