Monday, August 24, 2009

Dayana Mendoza, her last day as Miss Universe 2008

(photo credits: Miss Universe LLP.

Moments from now, a new beauty queen will be crowned as Miss Universe 2009. Dayana Mendoza, the reigning Miss Universe from Venezuela will relinquish her crown to 84 delegates vying for the title of being the most beautiful woman in the universe.

I really love her! I think she's one of the best Miss Universe titleholder ever. I remember last year as I witnessed her victory in Miss Venezuela pageant, I immediately said to myself: "Ok, game's over. This will be the next Miss Universe." And true enough, Dayana really shined during the pageant in Vietnam. She's fresh, elegant, charismatic and full of energy.

So, who's gonna take her place as the new Miss Universe? Hmmm... I got my own faves: Australia, Spain, Kosovo, Russia, France, Jamaica, Ethiopia, Italy, Guatemala, Czech Rep. I just hope it will not be some over-hyped beauties that look almost in their mid-thirties! hahaha. As for our own representative Bianca Manalo... of course I wish her all the best. Oh well, let's just find out and I hope she'll prove me wrong.

*sigh. Dayana Mendoza, I'll definitely miss her. She's one damn great Miss Universe!

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