Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Missing Mer-nel's bakeshop =)

Last week, my mom and I went home to our province in Calauan, Laguna. And as we approached the junction or Jollibee-UPLB intersection ( or "johnson" as what the elders in that area call it), my mom asked me to make a right-turn to UP Los Baños. At first, I thought that she just wanted to have a tour of UPLB and take some souvenir pictures there. Oh well, turns out that she just wants me to buy her a chocolate cake from Mer-nel's.

Mer-nel's Bakeshop
has always been famous for its delicious chocolate cake. For years, th
ey had that reputation of providing probably "the best" cake in town - delicious, yet affordable.

In case you got tired of that same-old buko pie as a "pasalubong", I highly recommend that you drop-by their bakeshop whenever you visit Los Baños, Laguna. I'm sure you'll love it!

Oh, did I mention that my mom's taste is hard-to-please... and that she's diabetic =)


eMz said...

wow, parang yummy! XD

michael (ph)ierce said...

ay di ba on-diet ka?

sorry.. ipapa-ban kita.. hehehe :D

toxic disco boy said...

ur from UPLB? ako rin! hihihihi. XD

michael (ph)ierce said...

@toxic disco boy >>>

wow, fellow elbizen! hi there.
thanks for dropping by =)

desperateblogger said...

parang ang sarap nga!

Iris Reyes said...

i agree with you. mer-nel's chocolate cake is the best i've ever had in the phils. i was checking to see if they had other branches or deliver internationally. haha goldilock's got nothing on them!

Iris Reyes said...

i agree. mer-nel's is the best chocolate cake i've ever had in the phils. searched online hoping they have other branches or deliver internationally. alas...but goldilock's got nothing on them!

Ana said...

I grew up in LB and studied there as well. I watched Mer-nel's grow from just a home-based business to the successful bakeshop that it is now.

I was craving for Mer-Nel's chocolate cake a while ago that's why I googled it, and I found your blog. I'm not sure if you already know it, but they have a branch (a pretty big one, in fact) in Maahas (I think). You and your mom don't have to make a right turn at the Jollibee intersection anymore to satisfy your chocolate craving. =) And i also think they have a stall at the South Supermarket.

Hope this helps!

michael (ph)ierce said...

Hi Ana! thanks for dropping by.. (or should i say thanks Google? hahaha)

wow, that's good news, thanks for that. Di ko alam na may branch na pla sila. Sana they have one din kahit within Makati area =)