Sunday, February 1, 2009

First day of Feb

How fast time flies... today is the first day of February!

For some reason, February has always been synonymous to Loving and Leaving for me. Why loving? Obviously, weeks from now it'll be Valentine's Day - a day when lovers enjoy and "losers" (like me) feel like...well, losers. hahaha :D

Why leaving? I don't know why it became a trend for me that my resignation from work always fall on a February. The last time I resigned was Feb.15, 2007. And now, I'll be leaving my work in Libis,QC on the 10th to go back to Ayala in Makati.

Surely, I'll be missing all of my friends there... it really breaks my heart (that's why I don't wanna be too "emotionally" attached to them).

I don't wanna cry on a fabulous February... not again. waaahhhhhh =(

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