Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Anniv, desperateblogger !!!

I've been invited for a coffee date at the Coffee Bean in Greenbelt 3 to celebrate desperateblogger's 1st year anniversary in the blogging industry.

I was kinda expecting that most of her guests will be... you know... moms: working moms, single moms, cooking moms, breast-feeding moms - so at first I'm a bit hesitant to go for i might be out-of-place (and not to mention that i came in really late).
Well, turns out that perhaps they're pretty much busy on some stuff, so it was just me, eMz and {girl}forallstatus who came.

I really had a great time meeting them and hearing their funny stories. To desperateblogger - again congratulations and keep it up! More blogging years to come!


eMz said...

Woot woot!

di ako mom pero mukhang mom na rin. hhahaha!

michael (ph)ierce said...

oops, i forgot to mention...

the moms didn't make it - those who were there were single ladies (now put your hands up! ) =P

desperateblogger said...

oy! kita bra ko! lol. pls send the peechurs naman. i've not open your gift yet. suspense muna.

i really enjoyed your company yesterday. kaya, here's a tag for you.

{girl}forallstatus said...

uy, gamit na gamit ang camera=) thanks for posting the pics. see you again feb or march =)

a {GIRL for all status
tales of a pinay single mommy
1716 South
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michael (ph)ierce said...

btw, you can download the pics at my multiply site:

MERiE said...

uy, bloggers day out :)
congrats to desperateblogger :D more blogging years! :D

earthlingorgeous said...

Hahahaha si Mommy Lena talaga hahahaha kita daw bra nya!

sayang not able to make it I was in the Good Autism Conference kasi eh anyway sa next batch ako makakapunta sama ka ulit hahahhaa

michael (ph)ierce said...

@earthlingorgeous >>>

oo nga eh, i was expecting na pupunta ka =( di bale next time nalang..hehehe :D