Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to reality...

Holiday's over.

Monday. January 5

Back to work! (utang na loob, kakatamad!!!)

After that long vacation, we're back to the realities of life :
  • waking up early
  • stressful commuting
  • annoying officemates
  • deadlines
  • more deadlines...

oh Lord, help me..

Can't wait for Friday!! wahhh =(


desperateblogger said...

the announcement of the winner is so anti-climatic. the anticipation has dissipated already. it took whoever they are almost a month to get their act together in choosing a winner.

if the announcement was done at the designated date i would have commented:


but, then again, as the announcement was fairly late, i need not dwell on my comment.

sour graping? no. i'm just saying my piece.

mike, you're wrong after all. the winning contest piece was based on the apv and not on the written content as the article had no story to tell.

michael (ph)ierce said...

@desperateblogger >>>

oh well, actually you're right.
got the same sentiments... pero ayaw ko na lang magsalita. =)

anyway, win or lose, cute parin ako..hehehe :D

i knew it, im not meant for a VAIO.
im meant for a new 17" Macbook Pro! ahahaha :D (sour graping to the highest level!!!)

desperateblogger said...

hahahah... there's a new vaio - it's half the size of the old one.

you're right. win or lose, cute pa rin din ako--- tsaka ikaw!!