Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stupidest thing I've ever done (so far..)

After a long drive from our province, I was extremely excited to view and upload all the pictures that I took and show to the rest of the world my photography skills and the natural beauty of our province :
the majestic mountains, the rice fields, blue skies, tall coconut trees, grazing farm animals, etc.
So I plugged in my Sony Cyber-shot into my PC and checked all my "fierce" photos. But there were some "not-so-fierce" shots so i decided to delete them. A pop-up dialog box appeared saying: "This file is read-only blah blah blah.. Are you sure you want to delete it?" And there were 3 options: Yes, Yes to all, and Cancel. And so I clicked "Yes to All".

And just like that.. with that one stupid click, i accidentally deleted all of my pictures stored in the memory stick!!! SOOOOO STUPIDDDDD!!!! I haven't even copied a single image yet into my PC!
Grrrrr!!!! Ahhhhh!!! STUPPPIIIDDDD!!!!

Now i have to google "how restore deleted files in memory stick"

or better yet... "how not to be stupid next time"

bwiset!!! kainis!!!


earthlingorgeous said...

Ay kaines yan. Ako rin nagawa ko yan pero sa isang folder ng mga photos ko kaines! Hmmmm is there such a way to recover deleted files? I want to know that too. Pag nagawa mo turuan mo ako ha?

Anyway, I would like to invite you to join a tag for the Philippines and all Filipino bloggers in the world. It's the Filipinos Unite Prayer tag up in my blog. I hope you join.

Have a great week ahead!


desperateblogger said...

ika nga ni forrest gump: shit happens. i hope you find a way to restore your deleted files.

michael (ph)ierce said...

@earthlingorgeous >>> wish ko lang di ba... eh may bayad kasi ung mga downloadable software that can restore data from memory stick =(

btw, posted already the Filipinos Unite Prayer tag :)

@desperateblogger >>> luv that movie!!! oo nga eh, how i wish =(

eMz said...

omg! found anything on that??