Saturday, January 24, 2009

In the news

The gorgeous Avvy of Virtusio PR emailed me last week this news clipping from the Philippine Daily Inquirer about last year's SONY Expo. She also said she'll send me copies of the TV interviews that i had. Yeah right... "the" nose-bleed interview.. hahaha :D

Now that i have exposure in print and TV, I wonder what would be next?

- a movie role with KC Concepcion (hmm.. working title: Bangungot??)
- a billboard ad to replace Dingdong Dantes' underwear ad along EDSA (
- or perhaps, a scandal that would make me "the" next internet sensation

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hmm, lemme think...


iva said...

immortalized on print and video... fierce!!!

as for the billboard and vid scandal... i cant even get myself to envision you wearing nothing but... lol.

michael (ph)ierce said...

hi iva! yup, you're right - that's fierce!

ahaha :D
brace yourselves... my billboard ad could cause major traffic along EDSA

it'll be catastrophic! bwahahaha =P

YULI said...

whata beautiful experience! wish to have one like yours (dream on. hehe)