Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009!

I didn't have the chance to welcome 2009 with a blast. I was in bed feeling really sick , got clogged nose & headache every time i cough. Next morning, we went to our relatives in Pacita to have a New Year lunch (we're not in the mood to cook anything on that day, so we're thankful for the invite! haha).

Then came my most dreaded part: the videoke challenge! Damn, how can i compete with a family of singers & musicians... i'm just a dancer - not a singer! haha :D

Anyway, i enjoyed it. I'm really proud of my cousins who can render those songs better than the original. That little girl on red shirt - watch out Charice Pempengco! She can put Celine Dion to shame..hahaha :D

Now im thinking, maybe it's about time for me to look for a voice coach - to unleash my singing talent and be "the star" of our family reunions..hahaha :D Great! now i have something to write down on my new year's resolution list...

HAPPY 2009!


eMz said...

ansaya, dami nyo! XD hapi new yr!

michael (ph)ierce said...

hi emz! Happy New year din :D

konti nga eh, sa susunod pa ung talagang family reunion..hehe :)