Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Day at the Sony Expo 2008

sorry for the poor video quality due to my PC's sub-standard video card & low memory =(

They say life’s full of surprises...
Oh well, guess I have to agree with that now!

Spending my 6th of December,2008 in a place surrounded by the latest and the coolest gadgets that today’s technology has to offer; meeting fellow-bloggers and having a great time with them is such a remarkable experience – like a fantasy that's too good to be true. Here’s the story of my “fierce” Sony Experience at the Sony Expo 2008:

Before coming to the event, I’ve got all the reasons to make me feel like one big “loser-of-the-day”:

  • my friends can’t come to the expo with me, nor anyone from my family (even if I said that it'll be my treat!)
  • checked my dresser; lo and behold - i got nothing to wear, all were in the laundry!!! (thank God, my red shirt still smelled perfectly fine!)
  • got stuck in an agonizing traffic at SLEX
  • And the biggest loser moments of all - I forgot to bring my freaking Sony VIP pass!!! What the heck??!! So I wasted no time at all – I ran to the nearest internet café (Thank you Lord for Netopia!), opened my Gmail, and printed my precious VIP pass (wheww!). After wasting Php 16.00 for printing something that I already printed at home, I headed my way to the SMX Convention Center for the Sony Expo 2008.

You’re such a loser, Mike – that is what’s going on my mind as I sign up at the registration area for the shortlisted 50 bloggers. And then I thought, "hey… why would I feel like a loser when I can enjoy myself once I get my first-hand experience on all those exciting Sony gadgets that are on display; and make new friends with those I’ve never met before". Luckily enough, I met some gorgeous and genuinely nice people like Roanna (the one who emailed me the “good news” from Nuffnang) and took a souvenir picture with her without any hesitations.

Then, as I headed for the intricately set-up VIP tables, I had the chance to befriend some of the VIPs like Kim (such a sweet gal), Ms. Lena (whose entry was chosen later on as one of the top3 commendable posts), Dondie (of sycamore -, and Merie (Kim's modelesque friend who arrived uber-late).

After feasting on the sumptuous meal, taking some pictures, and asking Casey from the Cyber-shot booth for a favor to recharge my battery – the event officially started. Kim and I actually missed its earlier part, as we were extremely busy hunting for the “magical Sony stamp” in every booth to avail those fantastic Sony freebies! After completing that challenging, yet rewarding booth-hunting, we were then able to focus on the entire program.

I like the portion when each of the Sony staff showcased their booth assignments and introduced its new products and latest innovations. What caught my attention was when the lady featured one of Sony's 8 World Breakthroughs: Sony’s TG1 handycam – the world’s First Smallest, Lightest and Slimmest Full HD Camcorder!

I was literally mesmerized by this beauty! What a sight to behold:
  • the simple controls,
  • elegant titanium body design,
  • lightweight & compact size,
  • and of course – full High Definition video recording capability!
I said to myself that after the program, I definitely have to see it in person and feel it with my own hands – and that’s exactly what I did. After the program, I rushed to the World Breakthroughs booth to have a glimpse of that Sony handycam. Wow, it fit perfectly on my little hands! We’re like lovers meant for each other! And because of its solid titanium body, you can now say good-bye to those nasty fingerprints left behind! Awesome! If there’s one thing that will replace my old Sony Handycam, this must be it – nothing more, nothing less. (if stealing wasn't in the 10 Commandments, I could have stolen and put in my goodies-bag at least 6 units of this beauty - one for each member of our family! hahaha. Really! :D

Another segment of the Sony Expo program that I really, really loved was the “fashion show” of the trendiest, “fiercest” laptops you’ll ever find – the colorful Sony VAIO. Parading in pure white, luxurious pink, blazing red and glossy jet black; the models were able to convince me that undeniably, having a Sony VAIO with you will certainly bring out the best in you. I was also thrilled to see Deiter (a schoolmate of mine from U.P. Los Baños), enticing the audience with his black VAIO. I just can’t imagine how good-looking I would be, carrying one of those notebooks while going to the office. Man, I don’t even care if it’s in pink or red – as long as it’s a VAIO, I would still look fierce and fabulous! (now I really, really have to pray to God for that Sony VAIO, promise I'll be a good boy now...hehehe :)

(the following images were captured from
video clips using Sony Cyber-shot W120)

Finally, my most favorite part of the Sony Expo 2008, the announcement of the winners of the “My First Sony Experience” contest came. At first, they showed on the screens the top 10 entries, then awarded the top 3 commendable posts. And the biggest shock of all: they accidentally flashed already on the 2 big screens the winning entry! My initial reaction was in denial, but my tablemates insisted that in fact, I’ve won the contest! It was then that I started to panic and got nervous – I didn’t see it coming! I wasn’t prepared nor at my best. I even forgot to splash some cologne and put some powder on my shining-shimmering face before coming up the stage!

Oh well, at least the crowd loved it – catching a glimpse and taking pictures of Beauty and the Beast live onstage! Being up close with Ms. KC Concepcion while she handed me my new Sony Cyber-shot T700, and taking souvenir shots cheek-to-cheek with her – ahhh... what a sweet blessing from above!

My day at the Sony Expo 2008 has been a day full of amazement, fun and excitement. Seeing and experiencing Sony’s top-of-the-line products, learning more about their 8 World breakthroughs, making new friends, meeting KC Concepcion in person for the first time, ambush interviews by TV networks (again for the first time), pictorials on my favorite SONY booths - all these are the experiences that are truly beyond compare.

It also made me realize 3 things about life:
(1) Never be discouraged by how you feel or by the things happening around, for you’ll never know what God has in store for you if you persevere in life; (so don't ever think or feel that you're such a loser, yaya :)

(2) People may come and go; at least be thankful that they’ve been part of your life, sharing good memories with them that remain.

(3) And lastly, Sony will always hold that special place in every consumer’s life as they continue on with their technological breakthrough and innovation that creates impact in our everyday lives.

I wouldn't be surprised if one day, Sony will release their very first Cyber-shot camera with “Pout-shutter technology”, in addition to their very popular Smile shutter. I hope they’re up for the challenge of providing us that perfect “pouted look” in every pictures we take that will truly be priceless! hahaha :D

Life indeed is full of surprises. And as long as there’s Sony, there will always be a reason for us to be excited; eager to look forward to the next level of high-quality lifestyle that only Sony can provide. Because having a Sony isn’t just about style, it’s about living a life like no other.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings!
and thanks SONY for helping me unleash the "hidden model" in me.. (ahahaha) :D

  • Sony Expo event pictures were taken using Sony Cyber-shot W120 digital camera
  • of course, my heartful thanks and praises to my Heavenly Father for the grace and unfailing love - all glory and honor belongs to Him!


megan said...

Wow eLBizen ka din pala. Nga pala you got a typo error sa link ng multiply ni deiter. It's

michael (ph)ierce said...

Hi megan! thanks for the correction - had no time to check na eh..hehe :D

wow, galeng ng entry mo!!! luveet!
galing tlaga ng mga eLBizens! hehe :D

eMz said...

galing naman!

ngayong nabasa ko na to, sabi ko sa sarili ko "pakshet, talo na naman ako???" hahahah!

michael (ph)ierce said...

hi eMz!

yung sayo nga eh kakatuwa! grabe, lahat ata mananalo ng VAIO :D

In fairness, benta sakin si "I am fafa, i can give u sony informayshons.. " soo funny!

Ganda nung TGI handycam noh? Buti ka nga may credit card eh..ako ala :(

Riyo said...

Ang galing mo talaga *u*

Jehzeel Laurente said...

I smell a new VAIO! congrats in advance! galing galing! panalo na to! yay!

sana maraming vaio laptops pamimigay kaso isa lang.. kaya I'm hopeless na sumali.. nyok nyok :D hahaha!

michael (ph)ierce said...

thanks kim!

thanks din jez! sana nga maraming ipamigay ang Sony this Christmas para lahat happy!!! hehehe :D

earthlingorgeous said...

wohoooooooooooooo! baka iwa na naman magwagi! I love the beauty and the beast photo!

Dale Bacar said...

Nakakaexcite mag-antay ng annoucement! Goodluck sating lahat na sumali!

desperateblogger said...

hey mike! thanks for the drop and comment. appreciate it. great post you have here. =)also, can you resend me the pics? my one and only pasaway son deleted one pic folder by mistake and yes, yong pics pa natin. so, the only copies I have now are the ones in my post.

merry Christmas and God Bless!

michael (ph)ierce said...

hi ms.lena!

na-send ko na po ung pics natin =)

Merry CHRISTmas din to you & your family! :)

aeirin said...

wow... great post... baka namn ikaw pa manalo ng laptop... goodluck...

michael (ph)ierce said...

hi aerin!! thanks :)

naku, mukang marami nga atang mananalo eh.. gaganda ng entries eh. sana dami consolation prize para everybody happy..hehe :D

Deiter said...

What?! My solo pic ako? =) Its too late kun paalis ko.

Marami ko kilala sumali. Sino pala nanalo sa contest? extended to january 'to diba?

YULI said...

kudos to you! :D