Thursday, December 25, 2008

What makes your Christmas complete?

Is it:

  • a new toy? (wahh, wasn't able to buy that Lego toy i've always wanted since i was a kid!!!)
  • Christmas bonus? 13th, 15th, 18th or even 21st month-pay?? (Lord, wish ko lang!!!)
  • fab clothes to wear on the Christmas eve? (trench coat? boots-with-the-fur??)
  • a holiday trip? (wahhh, what happened to our HK Disneyland trip?? )
  • a brand-new cellphone? ( i'm dreaming of a SE W595! )
  • mouth-watering "fiesta ham" or "lechon" on your Noche Buena? yummy...yucky hahaha :D
  • a Hallmark greeting card from a special loved-one?
  • colorful lights, decors, and good-old-fat Santa Claus?
  • joyful carols?
  • a much-awaited kiss from someone you love? (what??? never been kissed?? hahaha)
  • your family?
  • good health??

and the list just goes on..

but what really makes Christmas complete? Does it mean that if we don't get our wishlist complete - then it's not a "merry" Christmas at all???

I think, even without all these things - there's always a reason for us to feel happy and celebrate the true spirit Christmas...

Christmas is more than just a song, more than just gifts...

It's all about LOVE. A celebration of God's love for us - that He sent us His only begotten son.
Jesus is the reason why we celebrate CHRISTmas...

It is the birth of our Lord and Savior - and having Him in our lives makes our Christmas complete.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone :-)

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desperateblogger said...

the commercial essence of Christmas is excusable for kids. but once you're old enough to know the true meaning of Christmas (ano nga ba?) you're not suppose to be wanting on that special day - as everyday should be Christmas - kaya everyday na dapat ang wanting mo! lol. =0