Saturday, December 13, 2008

Enjoying my new toy :)

Yeah... i luveeet!! :) I love my new Sony Cyber-shot T700

nope, this is not my entry for the Sony post event experience contest... i just wanna share some of the pics i had the day after the event.

I love the cam!

-> 10 mega pixels
-> wide 3.5" LCD touchscreen
-> 4 GB internal memory!
-> cool in-camera Retouching (it's like having an instant Adobe Photoshop in a cam, amazing!!!)
-> digital album/scrapbook on-the-go!
-> slideshow
-> of course, the SMILE SHUTTER :)

I luvvvv the freebies!!! :D

so far, this is the best goodie-bag i've ever received :)

Sony carrying case

cute Bravia bunny

Sony towel

Sony Cyber-shot neck strap

Yep, it's all in the bag... plus memories to last :)

If this will always be the case, then expect my presence in every SONY and Nuffnang events... hahaha :D

here's a link to the details about the SONY Expo:

Thanks SONY and Nuffnang Phil.!!! :)


Roanna said...

hahah nice entry! parang model ng sony ha!!! can't wait for your post event entry!!!

earthlingorgeous said...

parang model ha hihihi!

michael (ph)ierce said...

ahahaha :D

thanks roanna & ms.gorgeous!
di naman cguro masamang mangarap ng gising noh..hehe :P

desperateblogger said...

katamad magsulat ng entry.... pakopya na lang!!!!

michael (ph)ierce said...

ahaha! ms. lena, why not?? team effort na ito.

tapos hati-hati nalang tayo sa napagbentahan ng laptop!! pwede..


eMz said...


sony na sony, pati yung blue background! congrats! ^_^

mSheng12 said...

ganda ng kuha ng photos! model! haha!

michael (ph)ierce said...

@ eMz & merie >>>

thanks :)
lakas tama 'no? nag-feeling model :D

iva said...

hi mike, thanks for visiting my blog..

kaw nga, you got a nice entry rin noh.. major career ha. lols. and you're one fun guy talaga, as in.

plus, model ng model... better than the guy sony model even. complete with contacts pa. hehe. super fierce.

and btw, merry Christmas din! huggers!